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A woman writing Copyright EASPDResearch Report

During the project, we found out about different ways to support people with disabilities in their legal capacity.
Legal capacity is
In every country, there are different laws and different models of support.
We have compared these laws and models.
We have focused on certain areas:

  • Property law - owning something such as a house or money ;
  • Family law - getting married or having a child ;
  • Challenging guardianship measures - making a complaint when you are unhappy with your situation.

We also checked if the national laws are in line with the UN Convention.
During the research we also looked at laws in place in the EU.
We made a report of the research.

You can download the research report here.
You can also download the Executive summary on its own, here.
You can download the Executive Summary in easy-to-read here.

We will soon publish a summary in easy-to-read.

Baseline Study

We also want to know more about the experiences of judges and court staff with people with disabilities.
We called this a baseline study.
This study helps us to reach our objectives.