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The AJuPID project has 8 partners from 5 different European countries.
The partners come from Belgium, Bulgaria, Hungary, Ireland, Finland and France.

Scientific and Ethics Committee

The universities NUI Galway in Ireland and KU Leuven in Belgium are part of the Scientific and Ethics Committee.
The researchers of these universities are finding out how legal guardianship for disabled people works in different EU countries.
They also check whether the laws and practices of guardianship are in line
with the human rights of disabled people laid out in the UN Convention.

MDAC in Hungary and the European Fundamental Rights Agency are also a part of the Scientific and Ethics Committee.
Together with the university researchers, they check whether the AJuPID project activities are in line with the UN Convention.

Service providing partners

5 of the partners provide services to people with intellectual disabilities.
They are responsible for identifying promising practices of support
for disabled people.
They will train legal guardians so that they can understand the UNCRPD and the human rights of people with intellectual disabilities.
The 5 partners will also organise events with judges and court staff to tell them about disabled people and their needs.
The 5 partners are:

  1. FEGAPEI in France
  2. Hand in Hand Foundation in Hungary
  3. KVPS in Finland
  4. NFVB in Ireland
  5. Foundation NET in Bulgaria

European Network

The European Association of Service providers for Persons with Disabilities is also a partner in the project. The Association is also called EASPD.
EASPD is responsible for sharing the results of the project with other organisation in other countries.
They also gather information on laws and documents in the EU.